We believe in the restoration of paid janitors. Not long ago our Church paid custodians to professionally clean our buildings. The result was a spotless place to worship and vital employment for a ward member instead of Church welfare. Beginning in the early 1990s the Church eliminated paid janitors and asked (unilaterally assigned) members to clean the building. It was a way for the Church to save money and for members to enjoy the "blessings" of service.


Well, you get what you pay for! The sanitation in most LDS buildings is horrendous. And we would feel a lot more "blessed" if our tithing paid for janitors so we could spend Saturdays with our families or serving people who actually needed help. We get it...there are a lot of agendas and calls for the Church to change its practices. So why not start with something all (normal) Mormons support: restore paid janitors.


"There are a handful of people on this earth that actually know how to use a 3ft wide vacuum and guess what...I'm not one of them. Nor is anyone in my family. It takes a highly trained professional whose skills deserve a fair wage. A couple weeks ago I was changing out the feminine "sani" wipes in the women's restroom at my local meetinghouse, and I could help but think back to the days we had paid janitors and the church bathrooms didn't smell like urinal cake mixed with a touch of ass. But I digress...let us stop digressing deeper into the dark ages. It's time to restore order. The Ordain Janitors movement has my complete support

Rob C.